9 Dec 2010

Week's Progress on Studio Project

From now on I was  free to concentrate on studio project, after having postmodernism and character design out of the way. So one of the main focuses was to finish  the toy maker's model.

And here are the layed out Uv's. Mainly his head and costume needs hand painted texturing, other bits ( shoes ect.) will do fine with procedural textures.

Apart from working on character I further developed the texturing of the set.
Paying close attention to the stylisation and colour palette of selection.  Since the scenery is mostly green the design was to add some complimenting blood red which would both signify danger and add some visual interest.  

Likewise, textures are dark, high in contrast, harsh. Even if we see "only" film announcement or cute toy's commercial, it should message it's danger or unsafeness

this is the window texture sheet. Again, introducing some complementary colours, treating red like a seasoning.

One of the last bits to have sorted was the poster/toy box wrap of the cute toy Harpo which then goes on to bring chaos.

All of the efforts and intentions so  far shaped into one of the settings. Also other group members of Void Canvas  have presented other atmospheric settings .

At the moment I'm in the most wonderful lands of skinning and rigging... Not rushing myself with it even a tiny bit, since I've already experienced the bitterness of doing so and how badly it affects further processes ( or nerves...)
 My biggest joy would be to finish the preparation of the character before flying back home :/

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