21 Nov 2010

Additional Expression and Pose Sheets for Aliens and Monsters

The project comming to its end I add the rest of expression sheets and poses for each character. As asked I drew only those expressions these characters would do.


Last touch ups for the Villain’s design, his props. Originally I was also planning to include the veil, but having spent time on it drawing, I came up with conclusion it just doesn't go along with the shapes I created already. Completely distracts from his  triangular and more communicative original  silhouette. Also he then looks a lot  older then I intended.
But here is the symbolic scepter.



  1. wow this is really good J. your expressions really work for each character. and its good you added the running movement of the hero adds alot more character.

  2. thanks Godwin, you know, I was inspired by your detailed pose sheets...