1 Oct 2010

What Inspires You?

Fidgit Box* , a network dedicated to the celebration and distribution of creativity and inspiration , invited students and lecturers to answer  the question of what inspires you  in only one word.  This video might be interesting for the firstyears to see,  there's a great compliment just  for you all :D

*FIDGIT BOX aims at being nothing less than the first spark of creativity and inspiration that gives life to the hopes and aspirations of the Twenty-First Century creative. FIDGIT BOX welcomes and encourages the interaction between creative individuals. 

The company interviews artists picking their experiences in the creative industry. The stories are great because of their information, but more importantly how inspirational they are. 

Visit the website @ http://fidgitbox.com/
Follow on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Fidgit-Box/125098384202165?ref=ts


  1. JJ - that's really CRUEL :D They jumped on me in reception - I was knackered! I'm surprised I made any sense whatsoever! I did mean it though - of course, what I didn't say was how nice it was to have the second years back again... obviously!

  2. :D I thought it was a huge compliment to us CGAA students