16 Oct 2010

Week's progress (!)

To summarize this week's experience... It was one of the most productive as well as the most hectic week this year. Didn't have time  to upload anything since apart from project work,  I worked  for University,  at career's  fare in Brighton (It looks like there's an expansive interest in CG Arts and Animation) and an open day at Rochester. So after all last week's fresher balls, house parties, pubs and festivals this week was all about concentration towards "the serious“
Most of the attention was given to our Narrative unit, studio experience.
 I was responsible for creating the concept art, animatic and script as well as fully resolving storyboards with additional panels and character design of the alien (this one still to be done soon).

I started with the military base concept. 

This is one of the most impactful shots in the trailer. I wanted the Military base to look cold and very inorganic as it is an institution of brutal force (at least that’s the perception we want to bring across in our trailer)   the progress of the work can be seen in the additional picture.

Second concept came for the abandoned toy scene outside the factory. It should capture the eerie and a changed atmosphere in the air as the meteorite is about to fall down and transform the silly-putty into the alien.  I tired to emphasize the “abandoned toy” theme in this concept.

Lastly, there is the concept of the city. We were researching Doctor Caligari’s cabinet  and some of the more contemporary animations (like Samurai Jack) so got some inspiration and a direction for this concept piece.  Its all covered under the eerie green sky and windows only further reflect it, one of the buildings actually reflects the monster in a very subtle way (red eyes ). Our world is stylized but still doesn’t lack of realistic details here ant there, in every corner.  

The quick video showcasing the making of:

This week after long formation of our idea, finally A script was written. (sorry for the spelling errors,  a foreign sitting late  is not the best speller :/ )

And finally,  I should be uploading the animatic, but considered not doing that, cause it's under developments, also its boring, cause there is no sound. I'll surely post it soon.
So there you go, pretty much all the secrets of The  Attack of 50 ft Alien from Toyland are uncovered :D

(In case you wan't follow our progress here are some links:
Blog address: http://voidcanvas.blogspot.com/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Void-Canvas-Studio/160833670612543 


  1. That city concept art is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love this strong style influence; good stuff!

  2. With this piece I've tried some new techniques I hadn't used before so eventually I was surprised myself with the outcome.. :)