1 May 2010


These are some of the sketches. I'm trying to resolve how the slime mold would develop. Concentrating on shapes, also having texturing in mind.

A question, can artists be considered an audience?
Because that's what I'm thinking when I'm doing this project, as if it's for a competition where you are given scientific process and asked to make it graphically/stylistically appealing.


  1. tread carefully, JJ - don't bend the brief the 'wrong' way; of course, you need to use your artistry and you need to make it interesting for yourself too - BUT - you have a client who is commissioning you to create an animation as a teaching aid for various audiences; it is educative first and foremost; artists are not your audience; your audience are students of biology - school children, teenagers, undergraduates... so, no, artists are not a viable audience... hope this isn't 'bad news'!

  2. Ok, glad I asked :D No , I think later it would have been bad news :]