26 May 2010

DVD Template Design

I found creating the dvd cover desing so refreshing and fun :)
Just tried to create something from the material I have created already ( drawn/rendered images) but in a way ... presenting only a metaphor of what the animation is about and not completely giving away the "secret".
And yeah, I found that the more logos you use the smarter the template looks :D


  1. Sam, If you're reading this, there are some problems with your blog, and atleast I cant leave a single comment on your posts ( the problem starts when it comes to presing "post comment" after a protective word is written)

  2. I like Jolanta! What is that font called?

    And if you click the scroll wheel on your mouse when you're on the comment section then you should be able to scroll down using the autoscroll, to where it says "post comment". I don't think you can do it any other way, but it's just a design flaw in the blog layout.

  3. Lithos... pro or lithos something .. That's the one today we discussed :)
    I thought its close to the reference material and ..well, just suits the case here :D
    or maybe I just got influenced by your cd I was watching all day long today :D :D

    Yeah, but about the scowling.. I tried 3 times.. :/ Not working. But I'll ask tomorow, or better yet, I'll make a complaint to Sam about his blog :D :D :D

  4. Ah thanks Jolanata, not sure whats going on with my blog. I'll probably set up a new one for 2nd year as my current one doesn't work too well.

    Your cover looks brilliant, really matches the colours and mood of your animation, looking forward to seeing it on Friday (Oh damn,thats tommorow!)

  5. oh maaan, foe a second you totaly scared me, I thought I was completely lost in time, fortunately soon realised, that yeah, oficially that is tomorrow :D

  6. Jolanta - I like the fact that you tried 'scowling' 3 times !! :) I can't imagine you scowling...

  7. Hey Jolanta - love this - but I'll come and speak to you today about your wording on the back cover - just needs a tweak! :-)

  8. Oh Jackie, I just looked at the vocabulary what scowling means :D :D Yeah, what I ment was scrowling :D :D Definetly not scowling :D :D

    ANd thanks Phil, tonight I realised how hard it is to write creatively.. even if its only 3 lines :D