19 May 2010

Animation Test: The Last Scene

First of all, I haven't finished the animation, I just stated doing it from the end to the beginning :)
Its a test of render and settings, because it was beginning to be hard to understand how it's going to look, because renders of still shots couldn't show how fluid the lighting will change or the bump map (all the setting were key framed). I had to animate this settings because a) there is a "secret" hidden from viewers then revealed, b) there's a huge contrast of scale and its showed in ongoing camera movement.

I don’t know.. It’s too bright. I might fix it in After Effects or rerender it... I used spot light rig from Alan's bonus tutorials, but I guess the angle has to be shifted, or yet other types of lights, because now it's looking flat... :/
Also , there should be an illusion of amoebas moving slightly , at least while the camera is relevantly close to them and wee still are aware of separate units of amoebas. I’ll definitely discuss that in aftereffects lesson.

So. . . lots to be fixed.

The sequence here is very glitchy, sorry for that :/


  1. Very nice idea to have it blend from the animation into a matte painting.

  2. Wow, amazing stuff Jolanta, looks incredible

  3. CHeers guys :) hope its gonna work after slight ajustments..