24 Apr 2010

Great Art

If I see something special.. I save it and simply call it great art :D
decided to just put it here as it is what inspires me also motivates to get better at .. well, drawing, maya, observation, anything..
I wish someday to do something similar :)


  1. hey nice stuff I particularly like the second one and the one with the lady and the lamp with the 'lost souls'. Also the guy who done the one of the chimp-like astronaut has some amazing work, he done all the concept are for Alice in wonder land. Check him out... http://michaelkutsche.deviantart.com/

  2. The no monster here one is rad.

  3. yeah, I know this one, he's my favourite artist :) COmpletely self-touhgt german guy ... amazing....

  4. Wow some nice stuff here :). I rather like the one in the middle with te two women fallign through water (I tink it is). It reminds me of one of my favourite artists.