11 Mar 2010

Give Up Yer Aul Sins - Short Film (2001)

The story goes back 40 years. When one teacher rcorded her pupils telling the stroy abput John the Baptist. Those recordes were about to be thrown away, but by a lucky accident were saved.

The original soundtrack was full off sounds like dogs barking, desks falling ect, so Cathal Caffney in this 5 minute short cleverly combined animation‘s exxageration with documentary style ( all the background sounds were also animated, there is a camera constantly appearing in the frame) so everything gives the feel of reality – of documentary but infact gives the comic effect to animation


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this animation! Always have - a favourite of mine! :-) Everyone should watch it!

  2. Definetly True :) I like how different ganras mix and give a totaly new outcome

  3. Ha great stuff, just love the cute animations and the voice-over - nice find Jolanta!