29 Mar 2010

Animation theatre 5: Rene Laloux and Bill Plymton

Fantastic Planet - Rene Laloux

It is something different for today's film viewer to see. The pace of animation, the concept design and the performance doesn't instantly appear appealing. The animation is choppy and there are constantly completely still parts not changed over time ( for example hand raising the Om up in the air) . This seemingly gives stylization to animation - brings surrealism.

In The Cell ( 2000, Dir. Tarsem Singh) there was a scene when Catherine was about to sleep watching TV . That TV was showing the scene From Fantastic Planet - the boy when he was first introduced with the coller thus trapping him.

THE TUNE - Bill Plymton

Bill Plymton has a strong opinion about character design. He marks, that the more bland and plain sort of extremely recognizable the character looks, the bigger contrast there is when things turn crazy and to his mind this is the key to successful animation.

And it is evident in The Tune. We are introduced with the normal and the banal and this is the huge contrast to the surrealistic morphing, and the overall fantastic actions that are taking place .

The animation instantly could seem making no sense, but actually it could be interpreted the images have a metaphorical meaning there. For example the scene where apparently a man is about to eat a hamburger suddenly gets eaten by it instead...So who's eating who finally?... That could be the interpreted meaning of that. But the animation is full of it.

And It just has to be mentioned. The unique use of voice recording - so stylized, gives such an interesting effect to animation.

Having mentioned only few points, the overall product is a marvelous peace of great imagination and skills.

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