1 Feb 2010

Ideas for the Animation

1. A vain and arrogant tight rope walker prepares himself before waking on wire - does a little stretching, reaches for his feats, makes a string. After that he starts his magic - a variety of tricks on a tightrope (which is hung above the swimming pool). He does that for a while being very self-pleased. But suddenly:
a) a ball-bearing fals from the sky and hits him once... hits him twice. And the third one is the mightiest - hits him directly mon his forehead. So the self pleased tightrope walker falls in to the pool
b) a Lavina of ball-bearings starts to roll from very far away to the tightrope walker. They jump when hit the edge of the pool and by falling down one of the many manages to take the arrogant tightrope walker to water :)

Lesson: don't be too proud of yourselves :D Joking.

Where are the ball-bearings from? well.. from nowhere. The landscape would be quit empty - only the pool ,few tightrope walker's things and the ball bearings coming to punish the tightrope walker.

This was the first more developed idea.

There are two tightrope walkers. They have to finish an "obstacle course": to walk on a tight rope, than do a nice little trick with balbearings and finally a successful dive in to the swimming pool.
Firs one is the worried and stressed tightrope walker - he barely manages to walk the rope, he drops all the ball-bearings and finally splashes in to the swimming pool
The second one floats through the wire, than without barely touching the ball-bearings he spins them in the air and lastly - does a nice and slow dive into the pool - and (we hear cheerful music) gets the golden star!

It sounds not so amazing when I wrote it down :D But I imagine it quit funny :D

SO this is only the capturing of initial ideas :)


  1. yes i think the second is the strongest, it can be funny, especially if you work on the one who is nervous. I think you should keep the background simple like you said in the story before, that idea reminds me off a child's programme I used to watch as a 'little en' - ZAP!, if your familiar with it you know what im talking about if not here is a clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4afw0uzXpE

  2. What are the technical limits to this project? You're in the first year, will you manage to produce a character, that is rigged and skinned, and then animate it in the time limit you have? These are the questions you must ask, always find out the limits and then work to those. Of course, push your own personal technical limits to progress, but be wary of that stuff.

  3. Of course, I don't know what the final product of this project entails. For all I know you're asked to produce a storyboard only. But bear that in mind! :D

  4. yeah, it's always thinking ahead :D
    I watched the link you gave Jack :)
    I have something similar in my mind but actually not that crazy :D :D