19 Jan 2010

Work in progress

It starts to look finished. Though the more you work the more failures you see. It's a good thing there's some time left. Will try to bring out the idea as musch as I can.

And abaout the painted background... well it's going to be the painted wall... :/ I could remove the wall and put the background instead of it,. but I don't want to loose the shadows on the wall..


  1. love it, the texturing, modelling and lighting is all spot on :D

  2. Very creepy, reminds me of that Disneyland Ride 'The Haunted Mansion'

  3. Jolanta, I dont know If you did that on purpose but is a fault on the texture tile, right by the shadow in the middle of the picture. It grabbed my attention cause it is central.

  4. Yes, there defently were a lot of mistakes :D But I tryed to sort them out today :)
    Thank you for the comments :)