10 Dec 2009

Research: rewatching 'The Others"

I came back to this film this time paying full attention to the environments and how it 'works'. It's amazing what you can notice than.

I understood about the importance of details, despite that most of our attention belongs to the massive objects, details are the thing.

SO, to start with, I'll include a fireplace dead from warmth, a mirror above the fireplace reflecting the room with covered furniture, little lights and so on.

I am going to include the piano, because it gives a very interesting shape when covered and you can catch yourself wondering what if he'd started playing on his own, like it's alive . :D

I see there's a risk going out of uncanny's Field to the field ofcreepiness.. hm :)


  1. Just noticed the uTorrent logo in the corner, along with the Skype on 'invisible' mode is all. Much similar to my work habits, though it tends to be Rapidshare Manager and Skype on invisible, haha.