14 Sep 2009

pORTFOLIO wOrks : drawings

A comics done for Euro cartoon competition which took place quit recently. For my bigest joy succeded to get some rewards :]

This is an illustration of Mogwai's - Hunted by a freak.

The idea of this character came during a walking-tour somewhere about 3 o'clock at night..


  1. ahhh i love mogwai!!! one of my favourites by them...was this made for them? or somthin you decided to do randomly? lol kinda reminds me of the film '9' x

  2. Not for them, I'd fish to of course :D
    Just inspired me, that's how I've imagined it :) Did it just for fun,just before the studies.

  3. Hey Jolanta,
    I'm Earl. I got to agree with Bob. that mogwai is amazing. But so are your other sketches and drawings. I would hate to see my work next to yours. Mine would look like a little kids pictures

  4. Thanks for the HUUUGE compliment here :) But in my opinion, there are only diffrent styles :) Don't be so hard on your self..
    Thanks again for the comment :D