29 Sep 2009

If taking a look closer we can notice that there are like ripples around characters mouth, hands. For me it's very intresting what kind of effeect, mood that brings.
For me it's a great example, how a portrait can literally speak out. Affect the wiewer. I would ame for that.
This author made the work after her friend was raped. A very meaningful portrait. The author herself said it was hard for her to end this work.
Just like the pose and overall feeling. What's interresting for me is that there is no need to do anything fancy the simplicity,as I find it, here is the key.
I admire the graphics, It makes the work very illustrative.Maybe it doesn't tell much about the soul, maybe even distracts from it..

Despite I've looked through some books from the suggested list (like "500 Self Portaits","The Imaginary Portraits of George Condo" and so on) I decided to see what's there created by digital artists. So these examples were what I've found particularly intereseting. Each of the portrait has something special, really, that makes the portraits so exclusive. I would also try to find a solution, how to make the portrait speak.

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  1. cool! i love this painter, linda bergkvist, shes one of the most talented ive ever come across, also check marta dahlig's work.
    beautiful :)